Press release of the yachting campaign Kharkiv – Haifa

Range of events will be held in Kharkov on June 24-25 dedicated to the start of the
cultural – scientific expedition timed to the 70th anniversary of the proclamation of
Independence of the State of Israel, along the route Kharkiv-Haifa. The expedition is supported
by the Jewish organizations of Kharkov.
During the upcoming campaign the yacht "Neptune", under the management of skipper
Valery Ovsyannikov, will overcome more than 1,600 nautical miles to convey the message of
friendship, to consolidate the historical and cultural ties between Ukraine and Israel.
In front of the expedition, cultural and scientific goals are set.
The cultural mission of the expedition is diverse, it includes the establishment of new
cultural ties and the strengthening of existing ones, attracting the attention of communities on
the route of the expedition, uniting efforts and creating a common image of the openness of
the Jewish community. The central element of the cultural exchange will be the exhibition of
the Associate Professor of the Kharkov Academy of Design and Architecture Evgeny Kotlyar
"On the Ribbons of Babylon", which is devoted to the historical appearance of the traditional
Jewish shtetl place a little more than a hundred years ago, the former center of Jewish cultural
and economic life in Ukraine
The exhibition will be shown to a wide audience in Haifa in August 2018.
During the voyage the crew will take samples of marine flora and fauna for further
studies of the current state of the ecology of the World Ocean in the Black Sea and the
Mediterranean basin.
During the events related to the expedition it is planned:
June 24 at 16:00 Jewish Community Cultural Center WOHL (Kharkov, 46-a Tobolskaya
str.): Acquaintance with the expedition members, crew members of the Neptun yacht and its
skipper Valery Ovsyannikov, representatives of Jewish public organizations of the city, who are
co-organizers of the campaign.
June 25 at 11:00 on the basis of the Karazinsky University (Svobody square, 6, Northern
Corps, platform in front of the university) will be held expeditionary yachts. Inheriting the
world and European practices of cooperation of universities with private yacht clubs for the
purpose of developing marine research, and also in support of the work of the Ministry of
Education and Science of Ukraine on the restoration of the marine science of the country, the
Karazin University actively supported the initiative to participate in the cultural and scientific
expedition timed to the 70th anniversary of the proclamation Independence of the State of
The head of the scientific component of the expedition is Candidate of Biological
Sciences, Associate Professor of the Zoology and Ecology of Animals at the University of
Karazin, a 35-year-old scuba diver who studies underwater world of the Antarctic
professionally, the world-famous biologist Andrey Utevsky.




Kharkov, Tobolskaya 46-a